Become a Money Consciousness Method Affiliate

Here’s how it works

Step 1 – Fill in your details below (make sure the PayPal account is active).

Step 2 – You’ll recieve an email from us with your personal affiliate link to our waiting list and our landing page. The commission is based on the first referer so get them on the waiting list! 

Step 3 – Tell the world all about the Money Consciousness Method and get them to use YOUR AFFILIATE LINK to sign up. 

They must use YOUR link in order for you to get the commission.

Step 4 – We’ll send you a 40% commission for every purchase through your link. 

40% commission if calculated before VAT for clients purchasing in the UK.

The commission will be sent once we have received payment i.e. if they pay in full you’ll get it all straight away or if they pay by payment plan you’ll receive it once a month.